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A look at a Magecart skimmer using the Hunter obfuscator

Magecart skimmers are malicious scripts that are used to steal payment information from online shoppers. They are often used in conjunction with other malware and are difficult to detect due to the use of obfuscation techniques. The Hunter obfuscator is one of the most popular obfuscators used by Magecart skimmers. By using Hunter, the skimmer is able to hide its malicious code, making it difficult for security researchers and anti-malware software to detect.

So, what is the Hunter obfuscator and how does it work? The Hunter obfuscator is a tool that is used to transform the code of a skimmer into a more complex form. It does this by replacing characters in the code with random symbols, making it difficult to read. For example, instead of a letter “A”, the obfuscator might replace it with an asterisk (*). This makes it difficult for security researchers to understand the code and can help the skimmer remain undetected.

The Hunter obfuscator also helps to protect the skimmer from reverse engineering. This is a process where security researchers can analyze the code and look for vulnerabilities or weaknesses. By using the Hunter obfuscator, the skimmer is less likely to be detected by anti-malware software or security researchers.

While the Hunter obfuscator can help to hide the code of a skimmer, it is not a foolproof solution. It can be bypassed by experienced security researchers and malware analysts. Additionally, some anti-malware programs have developed techniques to detect skimmers that have been obfuscated with Hunter.

Magecart skimmers are a serious threat to online shoppers. By using the Hunter obfuscator, they can remain undetected for longer periods of time. However, it is important to remember that no obfuscation technique is foolproof and that security researchers and anti-malware software are constantly evolving to detect and block malicious code.

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