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DeepStreamer: Illegal Movie Streaming Platforms Hide Lucrative Ad Fraud Operation

DeepStreamer, an illegal movie streaming platform, has been identified as a lucrative ad fraud operation. The platform is being used to generate fake impressions, clicks and views on ads, which are then sold to advertisers for a profit.

The platform works by creating fake user accounts and then using bots to simulate human behavior, such as watching videos and clicking on ads. This allows the platform to generate a large amount of ad impressions and clicks, which can be sold to advertisers.

The problem with DeepStreamer is that it is difficult to identify and shut down. The platform is designed to hide its activities from law enforcement and other authorities. It is also difficult to track down the people behind the platform and prosecute them.

Advertisers should be aware of DeepStreamer and other illegal streaming platforms. They should not buy impressions and clicks from these platforms, as they are not likely to result in genuine engagements.

Ad fraud can have serious consequences for advertisers, including lost revenue and damage to their reputation. Advertisers should be wary of any platform offering cheap impressions and clicks, as these are likely to be part of an ad fraud operation. Advertisers should also be aware of signs of ad fraud, such as unusually high click-through rates or suspicious patterns of activity.

DeepStreamer is an example of how illegal streaming platforms are being used to generate ad fraud. Advertisers should be aware of the risks and take steps to protect themselves from these operations.

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