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Dridex banking malware modified to spread using macOS

A variant of the Dridex banking malware is using macOS to spread to others by using email attachments that look like regular documents.

Since the Dridex banking malware can steal passwords, login credentials and more, cyber criminals use it to spread their malware. Now, they are using macOS.

The Dridex banking malware is usually spread through a Microsoft Windows-based botnet, but now the malware has a variant that's spreading using macOS. The attachment may be an invoice or a scanned document that looks like it's safe to open. However, when you click on it and open the attachment, you install this nasty worm on your Mac computer.

This DRIDEX variant was first seen in July 2017 and uses AppleScripts instead of macros as infection vectors in Microsoft Office documents with malicious macros to infect macOS computers. It arrives as an .zip file, and the malware contains a special version of the Dridex banking Trojan.

Source: Dridex banking malware modified to spread using macOS | AppleInsider

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