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Fake Atomic Wallet Website Distributing Mars Stealer

A security researcher has identified a fake Atomic wallet website distributing Mars Stealer, a malicious form of Cryptocurrency wallet, which is available for sale on underground cybercrime forums.

The fake website is designed to be indistinguishable to the legitimate Atomic Wallet Website and users are likely to be deceived. The malicious software will steal private keys and other sensitive information of cryptocurrency wallets.

Infection with the malicious software is also likely to result in financial loss as the crooks will be able to modify or steal crypto-related information.

The fake Atomic Wallet website that is distributing Mars Stealer is:

The cybercriminals behind this malware are known to have counterfeiters, Crypto Mining Scripts, Bitcoin Generator and Coin Table Generator scams on other websites. The attackers attempt to make money in several ways by stealing Bitcoin, Monero, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies online. There are multiple affiliate schemes used by cybercriminals like Buzz Network, Clickbank and CPA-Affiliate etc.

The crooks use the affiliate program to promote their fraudulent products and services. However, sometimes they also go a step further by luring unsuspecting victims with malware-infected links or texts.

The fake Atomic wallet website that is distributing Mars Stealer is an example on the involvement of affiliate programs in cybercrime. The malicious software will be downloaded for few dollars to the user’s computers after clicking on an affiliate link or enrolling to receive a payment from the crooks. In this case, the crooks have set up an affiliate scheme using Contact Form 7 as their web-application to attract wallets users and other cryptocurrency holders from different countries.

Source: Fake Atomic Wallet Website Distributing Mars Stealer - AlienVault - Open Threat Exchange

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