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Fodcha Is Coming Back, Raising A Wave of Ransom DDoS

Fodcha, a botnet that launched more than 20,000 DDos attacks in a single day, has returned to the forefront of cyber-security research, according to 360Netlab.

Fodcha, also known as "Foddle" or "Fish", is a backdoor Trojan that is capable of establishing a botnet.

Its last major wave of attacks was in May 2015, but the malware has resurfaced and been implicated in recent DDos attacks against targets including government agencies and financial institutions. 360Netlab predicts that Fodcha will continue to be updated with new features such as form grabbing and data stealing to target vulnerabilities on servers.

As we head into the holiday season, Fodcha's return could be the ruination of many people's plans for celebrating with friends and family.

Cyber-security experts at 360Netlab claim that Fodcha is the most active botnet that has returned since the rise of Mirai in 2016.

Mirai was created to carry out DDoS attacks against IoT devices, such as routers and cameras. Its name is derived from a word in Japanese that means "future". The malware is often referred to as part of the family of DDoS botnet C2s, which are sometimes also known as rendezvous bots or zombie bots.

Source: Fodcha Is Coming Back, Raising A Wave of Ransom DDoS - AlienVault - Open Threat Exchange

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