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New Info-Stealer Disguised as Crack Being Distributed

The ASEC analysis team has identified a new type of malware that is being distributed as a crack and steal sensitive information from users' computers.

It's called the "New Info-Stealer Disguised as Crack." This is a new type of trojan that steals sensitive information from computers, mainly through social media. It's being distributed as a crack and steal of sorts, with the victim being tricked into installing it in order to gain access to specific content.

This malware can be found on any website that uses ad revenue, including torrents containing pirated games and software. For example, if you download a cracked game or software file then you may also have the possibility of downloading this malware onto your computer.

This trojan is the most recent strain of trojan that takes advantage of a loophole in Google Chrome's reputation detection mechanism. It closes the loophole, but it opens an even bigger one.

The information-stealing malware uses a little trick to avoid detection from Google Chrome and Firefox web browser's reputation check system that checks for malicious sites and other harmful content.

If the user does not delete the DNS cache first, then the adware will not be installed. This is because when it injects into another process, it modifies the body of code to include its own DNS response table.

Source: New Info-stealer Disguised as Crack Being Distributed - AlienVault - Open Threat Exchange

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