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New Kritec Magecart skimmer found on Magento stores

Recently, Kritec, a digital security company, has identified a new Magecart skimmer on Magento stores. The skimmer is designed to steal customer data, including credit card information and personal details, from unsuspecting online shoppers.

Magecart skimmers are malicious scripts injected into e-commerce websites. When a customer visits the compromised website, the skimmer is activated and collects the victim’s data before it is sent to the attacker’s server. This data can then be used for identity theft or other malicious purposes.

The new Kritec Magecart skimmer is particularly sophisticated and difficult to detect. It is designed to remain unnoticed until the skimmer is activated. To make matters worse, the skimmer is able to bypass Magento’s built-in security measures, making it even harder to detect and remove.

Fortunately, Kritec has released a patch to help Magento stores protect themselves against this skimmer. The patch involves adding additional security measures to the website, such as implementing a content security policy and monitoring for suspicious activities.

It is important for all Magento store owners to take the necessary steps to secure their websites. Installing the Kritec patch, as well as following best practices for security, can help protect your customers and your business.

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