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NoMercy Stealer Adding New Features

During a routine threat-hunting exercise, Cyble Research Labs came across a post on Telegram selling an information stealer malware called “NoMercy stealer.” The malware developer is currently selling the stealer for 780 Indian rupees or 10 USD, indicating that the stealer is developed primarily for Indian Threat Actors (TA). The NoMercy stealer developer is also rapidly adding new capabilities.

The first version of the NoMercy stealer has been sold on Telegram for over a year. Major changes have been made in the NoMercy stealer ever since it was sold on Telegram. These changes have improved functionality and functionality and functionality of the malware.

September 2018 has been an exciting month for the NoMercy stealer developer, “inconsolable.” Since becoming popular on Telegram, NoMercy stealer developer is selling the malware for more than 14.5 USD instead of 10 USD. The amount of money that the developer is making from new features of “NoMercy Stealer” has pushed him to develop new features and capabilities of his malware without even looking back at his old sales from previous versions.

The NoMercy stealer is being sold in two forms: a Windows component file (.exe) and a Linux component file (.deb).

Source: NoMercy Stealer Adding New Features - AlienVault - Open Threat Exchange

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