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NoName057(16) - The Pro-Russian Hacktivist Group Targeting NATO

Pro-Russia hacktivist group NoName057(16) is conducting a campaign of DDoS attacks on Ukraine and NATO organizations that began in the early days of the war in Ukraine. Targets have included government organizations and critical infrastructure. NoName057(16) was responsible for disrupting services across the financial sector of Denmark this week. Other recent attacks include organizations and businesses across Poland, Lithuania and others.

NoName057(16) is a Russian-based hacktivist group that claims to have hacked the Ukrainian power grid and used its control over the Ukrainian network to disrupt the power grid in part of eastern Ukraine in March.

The targets of NoName057(16) have included government organizations and critical infrastructure, including but not limited to energy companies, banks, airlines, railways and airports.

The activity of this group has begun at least as early as May 2014 when Hackers from NoName057(16) attacked Twitter accounts used by the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior. The group then attacked the Ukrainian Military General Staff in July of that year. This may have been done in order to confirm the legitimacy and seriousness of their claims.

In March 2015, NoName057(16) claimed to reveal documents from Ukrainian government ministries that revealed the personal details of more than 8,000 non-existent officials.

In June 2015, Hackers from NoName057(16) targeted the Swedish energy company Vattenfall. Since then, this group has targeted other energy companies within Ukraine including Ukrenergo, as well as a number of institutions within Poland. In early October 2015, Ukraine’s Central Bank was attacked by these hackers.

Source: NoName057(16) - The Pro-Russian Hacktivist Group Targeting NATO - AlienVault - Open Threat Exchange

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