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The RAID storage services are used to strengthen the reliability of the data storage on the hard drives. It involves establishing multiple hard disks in one row that work collectively to improve the performance of the businesses. It is an effortless way of collecting the same data in different places. Keeping an eye on the bottom line, these disks will work together to improve the speed and handle large volumes of data. The RAID servers are categorized into levels depending on the number of hard drives. Thus, RAID storage helps in storing the data and evades data loss.

The RAID device can be repaired if any of the individual hard drive fails. The block-level failure or single drive failure is considered as software RAID and needs to be fixed. This is done by replacing the failed part with a new one, or adding another hard drive to it. On the other hand, a complex drive array requires replacing some of the hard drives to fix the problem.

1 . The RAID controller is programmed with a real-time error correction firmware that can detect the physical failures and correct them automatically.

2. The RAID controller can detect and correct failures caused by failed power supply to the hard drives.

3. The RAID controller automatically detects and repairs file system corruption errors.

4. RAID arrays are fault-tolerant in nature and will recover from hardware failures that may not be detected or repaired by the software on a single node system.

5. It is a temporary solution to keep the data intact while searching for an uncorrupted copy or a copy that is safe from possible data loss due to various reasons such as power failure, accidental deletion, virus attack etc., by performing read-only mode at regular intervals via bootable CD/DVD rom made available with the server software.

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