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State-Sponsored Attack Groups Capitalize on Russia-Ukraine War for Cyber Espionage

State-sponsored cyber-espionage groups around the world are using the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war as a bait for their attacks, according to research by Check Point Research and Kaspersky Technologies.

Russia is using a number of tools to generate fake identities and victim credentials, while sophisticated Russia-based cyber-espionage groups have been training themselves to operate in new areas of cyberspace, including the Ukrainian conflict zone.

The ongoing conflicts in Ukraine, where Russian proxy forces are deployed, provide a perfect opportunity for cyber criminals and state-sponsored hackers to gain access to sensitive information. As the cyber war between Ukraine and Russia intensifies, new tools are being developed and utilized to extract information from the target organization.

Security researchers at Kaspersky who have been tracking Russian hacking activity over the past few years said these hackers have come up with a number of new capabilities that include:

- The use of trojanized applications, which allows them to target specific types of vulnerable computers without detection by security solutions;

- A process to generate fake online identities for specific victim organizations;

- The use of ‘door-knocking’ techniques to ask victims for credential details; and,

- The creation of a honeypot system within the Ukraine conflict zone.

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