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The Growing Threat of ChatGPT-Based Phishing Attacks

In November 2022, OpenAI launched ChatGPT, which quickly became one of the most rapidly growing AI tools, attracting over 100 million users. The release of ChatGPT generated a lot of buzz because of its impressive capabilities. With access to vast amounts of data, ChatGPT can answer a wide range of questions and assist users in increasing their productivity. Its popularity and usefulness have made it a popular topic of discussion.

However, although AI tools are currently the hot topic and many already use them, experts believe that ChatGPT is a primitive tool that may not be capable of performing all the functions it claims to do. In 2016, the United States Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) issued a warning regarding ChatGPT, advising users to be cautious of phishing attacks based on its functionality.

The US-CERT warned against using ChatGPT for "sensitive tasks" because it does not support multi-factor authentication and does not support basic communication protocols such as HTTPS. In addition, ChatGPT has also been reported as sending large amounts of user data and information back to its servers without their consent.

Source: The Growing Threat of ChatGPT-Based Phishing Attacks - AlienVault - Open Threat Exchange

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