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Transparent Tribe (APT36) | Pakistan-Aligned Threat Actor Expands Interest in Indian Education Sector

Transparent Tribe (also known as APT36) is a Pakistan-aligned threat actor that has been actively targeting entities in the Indian defense and government sectors since at least 2017. Recently, Transparent Tribe has expanded its scope to target the Indian education sector, specifically universities and research institutions.

The Transparent Tribe is believed to be operating out of Pakistan and is linked to the country’s intelligence services. It is believed that the group’s primary motive is to gain access to sensitive information and intellectual property related to the Indian government, military, and defense sectors.

Transparent Tribe has deployed various techniques to gain access to sensitive data from Indian universities and research institutions. These techniques include spear phishing, malware campaigns, and exploiting vulnerabilities in university networks and systems. In addition, the group has also been observed attempting to gain access to Indian government and military networks.

Transparent Tribe’s interest in targeting the Indian education sector is concerning for several reasons. First, universities and research institutions contain a wealth of sensitive data and intellectual property that could be valuable to the group. Additionally, universities and research institutions often have weaker security measures than government and military networks, making them an attractive target.

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