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Managed IT

The Simple IT Plan delivers best-in-class managed IT services including a professional help desk provided by our Network Operations Center in Greenville, SC. Our ideal customers are in the logistics and manufacturing verticals.

The Simple IT Plan

Our NOC runs your IT for you.  A skilled team of IT analysts and leaders monitor and maintain your information infrastructure.


Network Operations Center (NOC)

A team of experts to manage and maintain your information infrastructure.


Monitoring & Alerts

Alerts and automations to fix problems immediately for 20% fewer help tickets than the industry average.


Device Procurement

Laptops delivered to new employees, ready to go right out of the box.


Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

SOPs and automations that plug into your existing HR processes.


Software License Management

Assignment of the Microsoft 365 license and 3rd party software licenses.


IT Asset Management

Hardware and software inventory reports for easy asset tracking.

“Brad and his team are phenomenal. Their team is so fast, and they always say yes!”
- Laura B., Human Resources Director, middle market wholesaler

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Our NOC maintains optimal network performance and availability, ensures continuous uptime, and responds quickly to your tech support requests.

All your mission-critical network activities, managed by a single expert team

Our NOC performs critical activities on your behalf, including:

  • Responds to your tech support requests

  • Monitors your network for problems that require special attention, including those originating from outside sources

  • Manages your servers, network devices, and equipment, including software installation, updates, troubleshooting, and distribution across all devices

  • Provides backup and storage for your critical information

  • Manages email, voice, and video data

  • Handles patch management

  • Enforces technology policies

  • Ensures compliance with service level agreements

  • Manages vendors, freelancers, and contractors

  • Provides support for 8x8 UCaaS

  • Offers ISP support

  • Supports security camera systems

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648761a9e05edb7ed3cb7155_Cloud computing-p-800.png

Modern, flexible, cloud-first processes help us respond to your needs quickly and prevent disruption

CRAG operates a hybrid workforce, with teammates working both onsite at our offices and remotely across the US. We built our systems from the ground up to meet the needs for a modern, flexible workforce. We do the same for our clients.

Measurable KPI's put us in the top 5% in the US for customer service so your team feels fully supported

Our NOC technicians monitor administrative dashboards to assess the health of our clients’ networks and respond to support requests. The NOC ticket system uses advanced automations to ensure our clients receive a first response in less than 16 minutes with complete resolution in less than 1 business day, on average.

648761aa33e1ea227801bac2_Customer service-p-800.png
648762b50f66ec8a80280f81_Tech tickets-p-800.png

20% fewer tickets help your employees focus on doing their work well, without distraction

Our remote monitoring and management (RMM) dashboard provides an overview of all client hardware and equipment, with the ability to detect and resolve hardware issues, deploy software, manage endpoints, process backups, provide remote access, and deliver IT asset reports. Our proprietary, industry-leading automations streamline workflows and a wide variety of common IT tasks. While the industry average is 0.9 help tickets per user per month, the CRAG average is 0.7.

We are a forward-looking, strategic tech partner you can trust

CRAG continuously evaluates changing technology, workforce expectations, and makes proactive recommendations for continuously improving our clients' information infrastructure. We also handle sourcing, configuration, and delivery for our clients' new hardware.

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"You can't beat the customer service. Brad's staff is sharp and on top of it."
- Matt N., Vice President, commercial real estate firm



Fewer tickets, faster support.


Eliminate the cost to hire, train, and retain IT staff.


Professional service that scales with your business.


Improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.


Access to the latest technology and automation.


Reduce downtime with enhanced security and compliance services.


Select Employees to Support | Simple IT Done for You



Complete our survey

1 Week


Deploy systems

2-3 Weeks


Complete onboarding

1 Week


Continuous improvement

2-4 Weeks

"CRAG migrated us to the cloud. They're very fast and responsive. Great partner.”
- Steve S., CEO, middle market logistics firm

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