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CRAG exists to make the work lives of our clients easier and more secure.

“Brad and his team are phenomenal. Their team is so fast, and they always say yes!”
- Laura Bruce, Human Resources Director, Atlantic Squared Inc.

What we do

We provide leading-edge cybersecurity operations and IT automations for companies that cannot afford downtime.


Managed Security

Managed Security is a unified platform of leading cybersecurity tools selected and deployed by CRAG to help you maintain optimal network performance and availability.


Simple IT

Simple. Secure. Local. Turnkey simple and secure IT with our legendary response times. Ask about our Simple IT package for local businesses in upstate South Carolina.

"You can't beat the customer service. Brad's staff is sharp and on top of it."
- Matt Neely, Vice President, Multifamily Select Inc.

How We Work



Technically excellent work by self-starters who solve problems together


Predictable results and crazy-good automation


Empathetic, fun, low stress attitude that puts our clients first


Constant awareness and proactive responses to security threats

How We Succeed


Our People

  • Technically competent and vigilant

  • Elite problem-solving skills

  • Integrity in all things

Our Systems

  • Top of the line security tech stack

  • Cyber compliance frameworks integrated into managed services

  • Active automations delivering faster response times and consistent results

  • Root cause analysis and problem solving

Our Alignment

  • Long term parternships over short term profit

  • Clients who value excellent, collaborative service delivery over short-term cost

  • Clients aligned with our values


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"CRAG migrated us to the cloud. They're very fast and responsive. Great partner.”
- Steve Stradtman, CEO, International Consortium Inc.

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